Our Teas

Our teas come from a small independent family run business, established 2002, called 'Nothing But Tea'.
There are always differences between batches of handmade tea and differences between makers but the tea always looks and tastes wonderful.

Here is my selection for you I hope you like it!

Georgian Old Lady
Georgia (ex USSR) has many tea growing villagers who manufacture their own tea by hand in their homes. The whole process is completely natural and performed by hand, in the typical white tea way. They pluck buds and tender tips from the bushes, wither them in a single layer over night. Next morning the leaf is hand rolled to curl it and get the fermentation going, and the tea is spread out to dry in the sun. Our roving teaman persuaded a venerable tea making lady in a village near Ozurgeti (in West Georgia) to part with a little of her tea.
This unique tea is exclusive to Nothing But Tea, available nowhere else outside of Georgia and only in limited quantities. Our Georgian Old Lady tea is made for us by the lovely Natela.

Super Green Bai Mu Dan
This new style of green tea is harvested in Fuding in the Fujian province of China. It is a green version of the classic white tea Bai Bu Dan. Evenly green large leaves brew a sweet liquor with lots of fruity notes.
This green tea can take high temperatures without being bitter.

Loose whole chamomile flowers infused to produce a traditional soothing, scented drink. Chamomile tea is reputed to have relaxing qualities and a cup before bed may aid a good night's sleep. Can be drunk hot or cold, plain or sweetened with honey.

Cut dried peppermint leaves. Peppermint tea may be taken to ease digestive upsets, or just for its wonderful natural flavour. The tea can be sweetened with honey if desired.

Green Rooibos with Cranberry and Manderine
Flavoured blend of green rooibos and fruit melange. The combination of juicy mandarins and tart cranberries topped off with a touch of peppermint.
Dry appearance: mid green needles with large chunks of apples and cranberry and some leafy greens.
Infusion – visual: looks like a warm dried fruit salad.
Infusion – aroma: fruits, citrus and a hint of mint layered, on top of a warm grassy base.
Liquor – visual: clear apricot colour.
Liquor – taste: clean green rooibos, sweet flavours of cranberries, mandarin, citrus notes followed by a pleasant cool note and slight menthol mouth feel
Delightful easy drinking brew. Will perk you up and lift your spirits whatever time of the day or night.
Would make an excellent iced tea, and a great vodka cocktail as well as being popular with children

Cherry Compote
The first of our new line of fruit teas. A fruity jammy liquor.

White Coconut Truffle
Flavoured blend of white tea, coconut, lapacho and cocoa. Goes well with rum.

Honeybush Chocolate Cake
Our first flavoured Honeybush. Honeybush tea, chocolate chips, caramel pieces, natural flavouring and rosebuds blended together.

Scotch Acorns
Flavoured Black Tea: A blend of Ceylon tea with cocoa kernals, cinnamon, carob bits, coconut chips, hazelnut praline, chopped almonds, cardamom, macadamia nuts, vanilla bits, white cornflower petals, scotch whisky, oak wood extract.
Dry appearance: A dark nutty looking mix of intriguing ingredients.

Infusion – visual: brighter colours apparent than in the dry leaf, unfurled small leaf grade tea

Infusion – aroma: hints of chocolate, tea, smooth nutty woodiness, cinnamon and vanilla bringing 
a sweet note.

Liquor – visual: Light clear Ceylon colour with a tinge of orange

Liquor – taste: extremely smooth. Hints of whisky, cinnamon and cardamom mingle with the light tea base.
A melody of Chocolate, vanilla and oak come through at the end along with a slight mouth feel.
This will be making its way into my regular teas. For such a diverse blend of unusual ingredients it is easy and enjoyable to drink.

Give one of these teas a try, you may be surprised.